Israeli Army

Israeli drone fires warning missile at arson kite launchers in eastern Gaza

GAZA, July 11 (Xinhua) -- An Israeli army drone on Wednesday fired a warning missile at young Palestinians who were releasing incendiary kites and balloons from the eastern Gaza Strip into Israel, sai...

Syria war: Government attacks IS enclave in south-west

The Syrian army's advance towards the occupied Golan Heights has also alarmed Israeli officials, who believe it may attempt to deploy soldiers along the frontier in defiance of a 1974 Separation o...
BBC News

Israeli Army Arrests 12 Palestinians in West Bank Overnight Raids

According to Palestinian figures, some 6,500 Palestinians are currently languishing in Israeli prisons, including scores of women and some 350 minors. The Israeli army frequently carries out sweeping ...

Israeli sirens sound over Golan frontier with Syria, Jordan: Israeli military - Yeni Şafak English

Israeli army detains 12 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Israeli forces have detained 12 Palestinians in overnight raids carried out across the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military announced Wednesday. The individuals were arrested for “suspected invo...
Anadolu Agency

Israeli Releases Gaza Flotilla Passengers Except Captain, Assistant

Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has suffered under a crippling Israeli blockade that has gutted its economy and deprived its roughly 2 million inhabitants of many basic commodities. Since March 30, more th...

Israeli army dismantles West Bank school made of caravans - WAFA - Palestine News Agency

There Are Fears of New Conflicts at One of Israel's Quietest Borders

Iran, whose forces helped to propel Assad to the brink of total victory, has a presence on the doorstep of archenemy Israel. With the U.S. on the sidelines, only Russia has the clout to prevent the Is...

Israel Tightens Siege on Gaza Because of Kites and Balloons

"The crossing will be closed except for humanitarian equipment (including food and medicine) that will be approved on an individual basis," Israel's military said in a statement. "N...

Intervention Against Apartheid Law Casts Rivlin as Brave Gatekeeper of Israeli Democracy and Moralit

Rivlin has fiercely defended the Supreme Court, the rule of law, the Israeli army, the civil service and its gatekeepers, free speech and an independent media. He has stood against racism, Jewish terr...

Second Flotilla Leaves Gaza in Hope of Breaking Deadly Israeli Siege

Eleven Palestinians are participating in the “Freedom Boat 2” flotilla, including those who had been injured in peaceful protests by Israeli army fire, medical patients and university students. ...

Israeli Scientist Blocked From Panel: 'Supported soldiers who ... - Haaretz

Israeli Scientist Blocked From Panel Over Support Protest Against Army Service in West Bank - Haaret

Unable to Stop Flaming Kites, Israel Moves to Choke Off Gaza Commerce

The restrictions represented a sharp reversal by leaders of the Israeli military, in particular Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, chief of the general staff of the Israel Defense Forces, who have called for all...
New York Times

Visiting Palestinians believe Israel's goal 'is to uproot us from our land'

Mr Taneeb told how the Israeli army took over the farm to conduct military training but the family managed to regain the land and began planting it with crops. More recently, the Israeli army has buil...
Irish Times

Israeli Scientist Blocked From Panel Over Support Protest Against Army Service in West Bank - Haaret

Israeli Army Confiscates Palestinian Land in Occupied Hebron

Israeli forces had set up a camp opposite of the land confiscated, about a month ago, which is located beside the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, where they placed concrete cubes and mobile...

Liberman vows 'strong response' if Syrian military enters Golan DMZ

On Friday, the Israeli military attacked a Syrian position after a mortar shell exploded in the buffer zone between the two countries, in what the military said was a violation of the 1974 agreement t...
The Times of Israel

Israeli Scientist Blocked From Panel Over Support Protest Against Army Service in West Bank - Haaret

Israeli army sets up tent on Hebron land raising concern of takeover - WAFA - Palestine News Agency


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